Dr. Henryke Grünberg

A creative moment, an idea, a flash of inspiration! The seed of an invention, a brand or a design has been planted.

What will now happen with your idea? Which strategy should you pursue? Could you start a company on this basis? And how will you protect your idea vis-à-vis your competitors?

Addressing and answering these questions is my central concern as a patent attorney, because success in intellectual property is based on three columns: The technical-scientific understanding of your idea, the solution of legal questions and the personal collaboration with you.

Dr. rer. nat. biology, special field micro and molecular biology, Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Medical University of Hannover and Leibnitz University of Hannover

Special fields
Micro and molecular biology, cell physiology, genetics, protein biochemistry, inorganic and organic chemistry, medical technology and general mechanics

German, English

in the field of industrial property law
since 2017