Monitor the Market.
Monitor the Market.
React quickly.
React quickly.

Monitoring protective rights and protective right applications

What are competitors’ latest developments? Which direction is the market taking? Which patent applications have competitors filed? How can I avoid a patent infringement? It is essential to keep a firm eye on competitors.

It is not uncommon for inventions to be made two or three times in a short period of time – by different inventors. The light bulb, the combustion engine, the telephone – these are just three prominent examples that have been invented several times. Only those who have applied for an industrial property right or those who are able to steer their development into an area free of industrial property rights will be successful.

Often, monitoring competitors is time-consuming and does not fit into the course of daily business. We support you in monitoring competitors in the field of patents, trademarks and designs.

Who or what is monitored?

Are certain competitors of interest to you? Are you interested in a specific technical field whose further development you would like to follow? Do you want to make sure that there is no confusion between new brands and your brand? In cooperation with you, we will determine exactly what you would like to know.

In the field of technical property rights, we will check patent databases for new publications for you. We will prepare all relevant information for you in a clear report. Every month, you will receive a summary from which you can quickly find out if and what is of interest to you using keywords and technical drawings.

In the field of trademarks, we will check newly published trademark applications and we will promptly point out identical or confusable trademarks. This will enable you to act in a timely manner to keep your trademarks strong.

In the field of designs, you will receive all newly published design rights in a clear format in the area of interest to you or from a specific competitor.

What are the advantages of such monitoring?

You will keep track of how the market is developing. In daily business, regular and structured monitoring is often too time-consuming; other tasks are more important. We will take over this task for you. You can rely on receiving regular monthly reports. The results will be prepared in such a way that they can be viewed quickly and easily on your computer. You can react accordingly and control your own development. This service is often used to detect patent infringements, so that legal action can be taken in good time.

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